Best WordPress Themes for Starting a Podcast

Choosing the best theme that fulfills your podcasting goals can be tricky. In this post, we'll go over some of the top WordPress themes for podcasting.

Trey Gordon
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Best WordPress Themes for Starting a Podcast

Establishing your podcasting website has never been difficult with WordPress. However, choosing the best theme that fulfills your podcasting goals can be tricky. In this post, we'll go over some of the top WordPress themes for podcasting and which ones we like the best.

1. Tuscant

Tuscant Wordpress Theme

My personal favorite podcast theme is Tusant. This theme is also great for bands or any other type of streaming. It can show an unlimited number of podcast entries, shows, vlogs, etc. to promote your brand. It is easily customizable and even has pre-built design options to choose from. It also supports Elementor, a popular page-builder plugin, and other add-ons to get up and going quickly. Podcast episodes can be shown on different layouts, depending on your goals.

You can also translate Tusant into any language you want and have 900 google fonts to choose from. Some of the WordPress plugins it supports are Smart Podcast Player, PodLove, Libsyn Publisher Hub, and many more. If you plan to have a music-related website or a podcast, the Tusant WordPress theme is perfect for you!

2. Gumbo

Gumbo Wordpress Theme

The Gumbo WordPress theme is a tailor-made theme for those who want to start a podcast or already have one. Even beginners who have no experience making a website can use this theme to create their own for their podcast. This theme supports podcasting plugins such as PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting.

It also has Elementor page builder to give you a simple way to build your site. The priority of this theme is to show your podcast or audio player anywhere on the theme. You can even add a download button for visitors who want to listen to your podcasts offline. Gumbo, like Tusant is built by second line themes, who is one of the leaders in building great podcast themes.

3. Satchmo

Satchmo Wordpress Theme

If you want to have a more elegant-looking, minimalistic website for your podcast, check out Satchmo WordPress theme. Its modern appearance emphasizes the podcast instead of dragging the attention of the visitors away from it. At the top of its page, you can feature an episode of your choice.

It also has the Elementor plugin, a free page builder that can create pages from scratch or choose from its templates. This theme also supports external players such as Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other platforms. Satchmo allows you to focus on recording instead of designing the website.

4. Viseo

Viseo Wordpress Theme

If you have a video podcast where you narrate stories and provides a more sensory experience, Viseo is the WordPress theme for you. It focuses on giving a beautiful visual and modern design while the podcast hosts are telling stories. You can also use a drag & drop page builder to help you customize your website using the Viseo WordPress theme.

It has boosted element add-ons like sliders, maps, pop-ups, etc. It also has a premium audio and video player that supports all devices, including mobile devices. Demo content is also available so you can run the website within a few minutes of preparation. This WordPress theme is perfect for podcasts, videos, and news.

5. Podcaster

Podcaster Wordpress Theme

This modern looking theme is quick-loading and caters to almost all audio players. The main layout of the Podcaster theme has a clean look that fills a full-width background image. It also comes with a wide selection of widgets to speed up the build process.

The Podcaster theme allows you to switch from dark to light template for your website. It is a fully responsive theme that also allows scrolling to view custom header images. This WordPress theme also includes simple theme customization, one-click demos, and free translations. It supports plugins such as Blubrry PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting, Disqus, and Contact Form 7. A podcast archive is also available that allows visitors to quickly access previously recorded podcasts on the website.

6. OnAir2

OnAir2 Wordpress Theme

For a complete WordPress theme that seems to be popular among radio stations, check out OnAir2. It has a non-stop music player that is mobile-friendly, as well as unlimited radio channels, and is compatible with web radio streams. OnAir2 displays any upcoming schedules, including the exact time, and animated headers to feature news, podcasts, and others.

This WordPress theme is well-documented with 24-hour customer support. Archived podcast series is also available with embeds such as MixCloud, YouTube, and SoundCloud. A calendar of events is also displayed as well as event details, ticket links, and even the events map.

7. Podcast Master

Podcast Master Wordpress Theme

This WordPress theme is perfect for podcasters with a professional brand and podcast. It provides a modern, minimalist approach that helps visitors to focus on the podcast itself. It doesn't have unnecessary design elements that may distract visitors from the website content.

With Podcast Master, you can upload an unlimited number of podcast entries as well as transcriptions. The Podcast Master theme also supports other platforms like Libsyn, Simplecast, Podbean, and many more. You don’t need prior knowledge in programming to design using the Podcast Master. It has the Elementor page builder for convenience and a drag drop system for customization.

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